I have an affinity for Instagrammable places.

Maybe that’s a silly thing to say, but it’s totally true. I am a child of social media and won’t deny my love for easily photographed venues. A little while ago, I was talking with a friend about my plans for weekend getaways coming soon, and she said, “You really like museums, huh?”

Yeah, I guess I do!

I had never given it much thought but I realized she was right. I love art, I love knowledge, and I love photographing. Museums are a trifecta of enjoyable activities. I must not be alone in this sentiment, because other entrepreneurs are taking note and opening pop-up museums that are less “museum” and more experience. You see that with the Color Factory, which I visited in September. And last weekend, I was able to visit one of two locations of the Museum of Ice Cream, the product of a woman who has branded herself as the future “millenial Walt Disney.” The Museum of Ice Cream is more for young adults than it is for kids, but that’s a hard sell when you mention the sprinkle pool. There have been three locations so far: New York, which is now closed; Los Angeles, which is closing at the end of December, and San Francisco, which hasn’t announced a closing date as of this writing. I visited the Los Angeles location, and I had a blast! The rooms were interactive and the Museum guides are fun and great at what they do. Each location features different rooms, so I will have my eye on ticket releases for the others. Who would turn down the opportunity to eat bottomless ice cream in a building full of people who don’t judge?

The telephone room is the first room you enter. Somehow we spent the most time in this room, as I was eager to keep going but my boyfriend held the receiver up to his ear and listened to who was on the other end. He insisted it was Seth Rogan.

More street signs made of ice cream in the real world, please!

Gwen Stefani has actually been in this room which is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

The only life I’m interested in. This room was my favorite. I love mint green, there were troughs growing actual mint plants, and I was given mint chocolate chip mochi!

See what I mean about mint green? It’s so pleasing to my eyeballs.

These Popsicles did NOT taste as good as they look.


The final ice cream you are given in the final room of the museum: Pink vanilla with an Oreo cookie in the cone!

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