San Francisco, CA: Color Factory

Yesterday my boyfriend and I took a quick trip to SFO to a pop-up “experience” I learned about through my employer. Color Factory is an interactive warehouse converted into different exhibits where color is the focus. Tickets took me 4 1/2 HOURS to buy and it was totally worth it. It was an Instagrammer’s dream! My only complaint was that I was definitely aware I was in a warehouse and the exhibits didn’t exactly blow me away like I expected them to. Regardless, it still provided excellent memories, and excellent pictures!


The entrance. I had a better photo opportunity but I was holding up the people in our group.

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This rotating meringue wheel had charcoal lemonade on the other side! I don’t like meringue but I still took one. I have a hard time passing up free food.


The disco room had buttons on the wall labelled with lines from popular songs that fit the theme. I played a Michael Jackson song you should be able to easily guess.


The confetti room was sponsored by Method Home so one wall was covered in shelves of dish soap. This was my favourite room! Shane and I are professionals at looking terrible in pictures together, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t the best photo we’ve ever taken.

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Does this room need an explanation?

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Swatch your step!

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This isn’t an installation, just a hallway between rooms. Still pretty though.


The ball pit was a load of fun. I was surprised to learn that 3 1/2 feet deep ball pits are hard to move through. I look at it as an unexpected workout!


We grabbed miniature ice cream cones on our way out. His was vanilla, mine was Japanese milk coffee. I thought they tasted the same, but the bf STRONGLY disagreed.

There were many more rooms than what I show here. But if we’re being honest, it was very dark and I’m not a good low-light photographer yet! If they extend their lease, I highly suggest purchasing tickets. I believe the artists behind Color Factory created an activity enjoyable for just about every age, and I’m so fortunate I was able to experience it myself.

#ThrowbackTuesday: Palouse Falls

My first post is going to include pictures from the first time I used my camera’s automatic zoom feature.. Although, none of these pictures were taken with it!

I love photography but it’s been a 2-year learning curve for me. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t evenĀ know my camera had a lot of the features it did until I let a professional photographer look at it. I am slowly, sloooowly learning how to be a pro.

In July 2016 I road-tripped with an old friend into western Washington to camp at Palouse Falls State Park for a night. It was a blast and the scenery was gorgeous, both at the park and on the drive. Ever heard of #thatNWbus? We saw it.

2016-07-21 11.10.19 1.jpg

I love this picture and it is the crown jewel of my trip. I had an Instagram follower ask to purchase the high-res file and even though they ignored me after asking, that still felt pretty good! Stumbling upon this bus was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. And remember, that focus was manual.

After getting to the park we checked out the waterfall and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The falls run into a basin, which I imagine is common in a place like the Grand Canyon but I’ve never been there so this was quite an experience.


This picture doesn’t do a great job of showcasing just how high the cliffs were. I wish I could show how treacherous the climb to get to the base of the falls was! It took an hour and involved holding on to bungee cords and walking through a wasp colony. Dangerous, but so rewarding. There were a series of smaller falls and a river cutting through the canyon that were just as beautiful. And I haven’t seen wild sunflowers anywhere else before!

2017-09-11 02.07.14 1.jpg

We were only there for the night, but it was a great time. I love to hike, and becoming more knowledgeable about my equipment was very nice. I’ve seen some phenomenal shots of the falls in the winter, and would love to go back then. I’ve flown to a few places in western Washington but this has been my favourite experience so far!