Baby’s First Post

Hi there!

I’m Kirstyn. I wear many hats: Flight attendant, college student, learning photographer, and museum lover are some of the big ones. I have tried different blog formats many times prior to this one, but I’m determined to make a real effort to keep this one up. My life is finally interesting enough to generate a steady(-ish) stream of content!

A little about me..

March of 2016 I was working as a teller at a Portland credit union and I loved my job. Being an employee of a genuinely good company made me happy. I was inquiring about open positions in different departments. I remember telling a coworker that I might want to start building a career with this company.

And then, I was fired.

I made a mistake on a member’s account, and while it was only an accident, it was a big one. I worked a full shift and was let go at the end of the day. It was embarrassing, and I was absolutely devastated. I had never been fired from a job before, and had no idea how to handle the emotional turmoil that came with the change. I spent a solid week crying. I broke my (then) vegan diet. I had a difficult time facing the fact that, maybe, I wasn’t good at something.

But I couldn’t pity myself forever, because I am an adult with responsibilities and bills. So soon after, I was searching for a job. And I never applied for anything I didn’t think I would enjoy. I interviewed for customer service positions in every field you can think of. I sent resumes and interviewed with hotels and spas. I interviewed for my favourite doughnut shop. I even interviewed to do (ugh) accounting work for a property management company. And time after time, I wasn’t offered the job. I have never, EVER had so much trouble looking for work. It was devastating to my already shattered self-esteem.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what happened next. My savings depleted and I was incurring credit card debt to get by. I was losing hope and getting desperate. I don’t remember what brought this change, but one day, I said “I’m going to be a flight attendant”. And from that point on, everything I did was in pursuit of that goal. I took a job supervising an airport Starbucks in the hope I could network. I did, and three months in, I quit to become a customer service agent for Virgin America (even though I offered full transparency in the interview about my goals- they must have liked me!) and five months later, I was offered a job with Alaska Airlines’ regional carrier, Horizon Air. I graduated ground school in June of this year, and have been in the skies since.

I am so lucky to be living my dream, but it took a lot of ass-busting to get me to where I am. And the hard work will not stop. I’m striving to become a better person in multiple facets and that takes effort every day. The effort and energy I put into bettering my life is draining.. but so incredibly rewarding. And I hope, with this website, to accurately portray the best moments, and the moments that can help you!

Am I a travel expert? Not yet. Am I a travel expert-in-training? Absolutely.

I can’t wait to see you in the sky!